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CONTIGESTION is a Swiss real estate company headquartered in Geneva. Its strategy is to optimise the revenue and value of residential property in the most dynamic regions of Switzerland. 


We primarily invest in residential properties in the low to medium price range, which demonstrate rent potential and only in regions that promise long-term growth in value potential from an economic and demographic perspective.

The continuous expansion of our real estate holdings through the acquisition of single residential buildings or portfolios, as well as the sustainable management and systematic repositioning of the properties form the basis of our investment strategy.  


Our portfolio includes inner-city residential properties in Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich.


CONTIGESTION is a strong and reliable business partner. Fairness and integrity are the key components of our corporate philosophy. We are well-known for non-bureaucratic, simple and swift property acquisitions. 

If required,  we are in a position to successfully execute investments without external funding and within a short space of time. We see every transaction as the start of a long-term, honest partnership. 


In our opinion, tenant satisfaction is the key to long-term success. To guarantee this we follow an active investment strategy, the object of which is the systematic, energetic renovation of properties, while at the same time optimising operating costs.

Properties are managed by professional service providers based in the region. Our experienced asset management team controls, monitors and optimises property management according to our corporate philosophy.


As a result, the optimal, sustainable management of our portfolio properties is ensured and the living comfort of our tenants is increased.

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